It is thanks to these wonderful and creative partners and carefully selected businesses, that we are able to provide you with our unique collection of clothing, self-care and lifestyle products.

With Ben March, a friend of ours, we are lucky to bond over a healing approach to traditional music. My personal bodhràns from Ben remind me of the moon. Searching for a holistic bodily experience, his sophisticated drums truly resonate within us. Words are not enough to describe what we share, so this collaboration is the least I'd like to do for you.


Brooke lives in harmony with nature and plants. She maieutically induces locally grown herbs to show-off their natural potential. We are blessed to be able to treat ourselves gently with natural cosmetics made by the lovely Brooke who is the owner of LunaRoots.


Working together with Stanley/Stella, we can be sure to provide you safe and responsible pieces of clothing. Only by knowing how our shirts and sweaters were produced, we can be reassured and we can wear them comfortable and even proudly.


Nothing feels healthier than supporting local social entrepreneurs who aim to make a change and a better, plastic-free world. Partnering up with soulbottles was a good decision, as we hold high quality bottles in our hands. They turned out really beautiful. It's a joy to carry them to whereever your feet lead you.


For Adélie x Ajeet - an ode to natural beauty. Together with the Barcelona-based jewelry brand, we have curated a collection that brings out the beauty of uniqueness in each and everyone of us. Just like my music, these handcrafted pieces are inspired by the energies of the sun and the moon. Timeless and enchanting, each and every crystal, metal or gem has been picked with great attention to sustainability and mindfulness.


Soneiro was founded by Alisa Reimer and Temple Haze in 2015. Starting as a project to explore consciousness work through the combination of sound, music, meditation and yoga, it grew into a collective with a vision of personal growth, collective awareness and the drive to create sustainable experiences.


No other yoga equipment is built with the precision and passion of Manduka. Designed by yogis and loved by teachers worldwide, our design approach is rooted in principles of conservancy — creating responsibly sourced products while minimizing environmental waste.


Living sustainably is a value near and dear to my heart, and Klean Kanteen are known globally for their high-quality, environmentally-friendly water bottles. We are happy to work with them and designed 2 unique bottles for you.
This exclusive, 100% plastic-free water bottle features the artwork of my single When She Rises.


A tribute to craftsmanship. WE ARE STUDIO STUDIO creates contemporary design from traditional craftsmanship: functional, aesthetically sophisticated furniture as well as ceramics - designed with heart and mind. With an awareness of sustainability and naturalness. Handmade in Hamburg.