"Meet the Team" - This is Moritz.

Welcome to the Ajeet Store’s Meet the Team Series! As a deeply passionate and small company, we wanted to invite you to get to know us, what fuels our creative fires, and why we love doing what we do!

It is a joy to introduce you to Moritz, another of our team members living and
working  in Germany to support the daily flow of the Ajeet store.
Moritz supports the Ajeet Store in many different ways and maintains
communications with customers, other team members and vendors to
make sure that orders make their way to your door!
He is currently in University and studying while also offering his presence into
our team with organization and focus. We are so grateful to have Moritz on
our staff and are excited for you to learn more about him.

  What is your role for the Ajeet store?

Even though we have quite mixed responsibilities in the Ajeet Store, I’m mainly responsible for logistics. That means that in addition to organizing the direct shipments of items purchased to our customers,
I also coordinate the reordering of our stock of all our items and care
for an organized environment. This includes lots of communication with
customers and team members to make sure that all are informed about
processes, shipments, and tasks being completed easefully.


What do you do?

Besides working in the Ajeet Team I currently study for a bachelor’s degree of management at the University of Witten/ Herdecke. In this way I can include my studies into my workflow which helps a lot in both ways.

Which element of your work do you love the most in being a part of the Ajeet Store / Rays of team?

Packing and sending orders is my favorite part of the workflow. I always love going to the storage room, finding the products and sending them to wherever they need to go. Realizing that people recognize the effort we put in every product and order and then go on to enjoy them on different parts of the planet gives me a feeling of comfy warmth.

Favorite items in the store? 

My personal favorite item in the store is definitely the “Ajeet Soulbottle.
I really love the concept of this waterbottle and deeply appreciate the way
the SoulBottle functions as a business. This sustainable water bottle with
the beautiful “when she’s rising”  emblem in gold will be my all time favorite.
Drink water people - stay hydrated!

Current hobbies?

When it comes to times where the ToDo-list appears to be empty
(which happens rarely) I love to mix electronic music. Ideally in front
of a crowd that understands the feeling I try to create by mixing a set.
To get lost in the different elements of sound and see your friends enjoying
it seems to be the best feeling there is.

Passions and Side hustles?

Spending time in the kitchen is something that brings me to a state of calm after long days. “Shakshuka” (or Bombay Eggs) is one recipe that I have recently gotten to know and love- It is currently my absolute favorite.


playlist of 10 of your favorite songs, plus your favorite Ajeet so



We look forward to sharing more of who we are with you- look out for the next installment of the “Meet the Team” series coming next month. Thanks for being part of our Ajeet Store family!

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