"Meet the Team" - This is Julian.

Welcome to the Ajeet Store’s Meet the Team Series! As a deeply passionate and small company, we wanted to invite you to get to know us, what fuels our creative fires, and why we love doing what we do!

We are excited to be opening up this new blog series with a conversation
with our beloved Julian- an integral part of our team with seemingly
endless energy and vibrant creativity.
He is a young professional who embodies both artistic skill and
professionalism- he works with web, photo, design, logistics and more…
we simply couldn’t function without Julian! 

What is your role for the Ajeet store?

I am in charge of everything that is visible to the customer’s eye.
I designed nearly all of the products (which doesn’t mean that I
drew everything by myself- we are a team!)
I also created all of the product shots and
videos on the Store side and for the website itself.


What do you do?

My daily business is working for the golden sun society GmbH as a Multimedia Designer. Luckily the “Ajeet Store” is part of my work so I can do both things at the same time- Designing, scouting and ordering new products for the store.

Which element of your work do you love the most in being a part of the Ajeet Store / Rays of team?

Working with people I love and enjoy hustling with. Having something that is worth the hustle! I’m working with my friends and that’s truly the best! <3

Favorite items in the store? 

Uff tough question… I love all the products!!!
But if I have to choose today,  I especially like the mugs
and soulbottle!
The mugs are handmade by
We Are Studio Studio 
and are just gorgeous to look at.
The Soul Bottle is plated with 24k gold and is
simple and elegant… and I am a fan of gold stuff….
As you can see in the store :D 


Current hobbies?

I am a passionate beatboxer :D which can be annoying sometimes, even for myself. Otherwise, there is not much time for other stuff…

Passions and Side hustles?

I am a musician myself, so this has been my passion since I was 8 or something. Now I’m making my own music (my side hustle!) and soon I will have a release on Spotify… stay tuned!

Favorite food?

Uhhh I love Sushi! Or a good bowl of Ramen… I think I’ll get some now!

playlist of 10 of your favorite songs, plus your favorite Ajeet songs!


We look forward to sharing more of who we are with you- look out for the next installment of the “Meet the Team” series coming next month. Thanks for being part of our Ajeet Store family!

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