Ajeet discovered the handmade and wild-crafted products of LunaRoots a few years ago and never went back. These potions are made with care, ecological sensitivity and vibrant creativity by hand in Vermont, and their results speak for themselves. They are medicine, and they bring a moment of genuine ritual to those they touch. After using them solely in her own self-care rituals, Ajeet felt so strongly about these potions, handmade by Brooke Frost, that she reached out about making a line of skincare to be paired with her music — and with that the magic of Ajeet x LunaRoots was sparked




Brooke shares that “LunaRoots was created as an expressionLuna Roots
of a quest to bridge creativity and an adoration for plants into a unique, sensorial experience in ritual beauty.”
These enchanted beauty potions are handcrafted, often wild
foraged locally in Vermont, USA, and are otherwise ethically
sourced, imbued with magic and wholehearted intention to “[align]
one’s inner and outer beauty.”
LunaRoots online apothecary is 
home to all natural cosmetics, perfumes, and hair care products,
created with an herbalist's wisdom and an artist’s eye. Brooke’s business continues to grow like the wildflowers she forages- new creations popping up seasonally, new recipes ever infusing.



The Ajeet x LunaRoots story starts with a starcrossed social media connection; Ajeet was inspired to reach out to Brooke after swooning over beautiful botanical photos of the creations on the LunaRoots instagram and eventually falling in love with the products after trying them out. Ajeet said her skin had never felt or looked happier. She connected with Brooke and the exploration began on how she could bring the LunaRoots botanicals to her friends, family, and community of listeners around the world, with a special Ajeet Store twist. Ajeet shared songs, scents, personal inspirations, and botanical favorites with Brooke, and Brooke brought her energy, enthusiasm and creativity to the table and luckily had enough space to dream up a trio of musically inspired facial potions for the store that we are profoundly proud of: the “Indigo Sea” Milky Magic Balm, the “When She Rises” Wildflower Hydrating Nectar, and the “Haseya” Resin Repair Serum. 





“Indigo Sea” Ritual Milky Magic Balm:

This Milky Magic Balm is the first step in the skincare ritual.


 To use: pump a dime sized amount of oil into the hand and then massage
(with or without warm water) into the face.
Gently wipe off with a towel damp with warm water. 


Inspired by a rushing river flowing to the sea, this cleansing milky balm is an
herbal infusion of spirulina, frankincense resin, a hint of indigo, passionfruit,
hemp seed oil, and a tad of blue tansy essential oil.





“When She Rises” Wildflower Hydrating Nectar:


This hydrating spray is step two in the skin care ritual. 


To use: After cleansing with Indigo Sea Serum, mist the hydrating nectar
over the face and neck, patting or lightly massaging into any areas
in need of extra moisture.


Carrying the benefits of a natural moisturizing toner that smells sweet and
dewy like a meadow in the morning, this is a home crafted wildflower hydrosol
of white rose, holy basil, honey suckle extract, willow bark and subtle
shimmery pearl powder in a refreshing face spray. 





“Haseya” Resin Repair Serum: 

This serum is step three in the skin care ritual. 


To use: massage a few drops of the serum into the face while hydrating
nectar is still damp on the face,  sealing in moisture and providing healing
with the support of florals, herbs, and healing intention.


A regenerative facial oil with wildcrafted resinous poplar buds, homegrown
calendula flowers, a blend of resins, dragon’s blood, frankincense,
elemi, cranberry, rosehips, passion fruit, and jojoba. 


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